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Michelle Obama Shops At Target in Disguise

Albeit a slightly less fashionable endeavor than Kate Middleton's trip to Topshop, Michelle Obama's Target visit yesterday caused quite the media stir (What's next? Carla Bruni at Seven Eleven?).

The First Lady, who arrived incognito to the superstore in Alexandria, Virginia managed to nonchalantly push her cart around the store for a good 30 minutes before she was recognized by a cashier. No reports on what Michelle purchased, but we do have this cute picture of her casual chic look!

Despite her dressed-down disguise, Mrs. Obama retains her signature flair for bright colors and prints. Swap the baseball cap for a blowout and she's totally day appearance ready, right?

We totally impressed by Michelle's stealthy shopping skills, how often do you guys think she manages to pull this off? [CBS News]


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