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My Rosh Hashanah Wardrobe Repentance

Ma nishma?! That means, “sup?!” in Hebrew! Happy New Year, chosen people—let’s party like its 5772!

Actually it’s Rosh Hashanah—which unlike American New Year is not really party-centric. It’s quite the opposite in fact, as it marks the beginning of a period of examination of one’s life, combined with repentance for any wrongdoings. As if our Jewish guilt didn’t lend itself to enough of this already!

For a not-so devout half-Jew like myself—ps I can actually read the Torah and I know all of the history because I was a Hebrew school nerd—this holiday marks a time for eating apples and honey, a tradition symbolic of a sweet new year. It also allows me to take a closer look at the areas of my life that need improvement: being a better person…and a better-dressed person.

And I have a lot to repent for this year. Once I went to the pet store under the false pretenses that I was buying a puppy when my true intention was just to play with the puppies for a while. And I never set up my voicemail, so people can’t say things like “did you get my voicemail?” It’s unprofessional, not to mention just plain rude. I sure do have my work cut out for me.

And in terms of wardrobe repentance, I’ve got to get it together and try a little harder. You see, I’m not a morning person so the very last thing on my mind as I’m hitting snooze is what great outfit I’ll wear that day.

 So to start this year off right, I’d like to wish you all “a happy and a healthy” as Nanna would say. (She also says "whatta shana punim!" which means “pretty face.” And "oy mashugenah" which means "grandaughter you be cray cray!") But I love her more than anyone because not only is she my biggest fan, but she’s pretty much the chicest nanna around and you can always count on her to start happy hour mad early. So happy freakin’ New Year—I'm repenting for my sins and buying new clothes. What else is new? And despite yesterday’s ode to dirty t-shirts, I’ll be buying some nice grown-up clothing too.

Clothing for grown-ups include crisper, structured pieces in somber colors. And they must be something that my mother would consider “sensible.” But never boring. No, no. I don’t do boring.

A Grown-Up, Sensible Jacket from Etoile Isabel Marant, $430, Lagarconne.com


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