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NYFW Spring 2012: Chris Benz's Youthful Granny

The great thing about Chris Benz is that his technicolor clothes look good on any sort of woman: tall and slender; short and curvy; 15 or 51. Maybe that's why Michelle Obama has taken such a liking to the New York-based designer over the last couple of months. (It could also be that he has quite a following in her hometown of Chicago.) Regardless, Benz took the idea of an off-kilter-yet-in-control woman of any age to new levels this season. Indeed, we'd go as far to say this was his best collection yet.

Along with a genius suit, covered in grass green-colored mini paillettes (which remind him of "Astro Turf"), Benz turned out some brilliant blazers—we loved the style covered in a digital floral print—and plenty of pretty but not precious dresses in a black and white circle and psychedellic swirl prints.

Indeed, there were a gazillion great prints—too many to name—and they worked magically together. We also loved Benz's use of jersey, whether in a color block tube skirt or a tiny bra top worn over a loose blouse.

The neatest trick? Each model's hair was tinged with just a bit of grey, proving that experience makes everyone a little cooler.

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