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NYFW Spring 2012: Oscar de la Renta, Master of Elegance

Each season, we know we can count on Oscar de la Renta to deliver some of the most beautiful clothes to grace a runway. He has a way with construction, with embroidery and certainly knows how to bring fantasy into reality. His pieces can make even the most seasoned editor go wide-eyed and weak at the knees.

The show started off in dramatic fashion, with billowing skirts flowing from underneath lace tops. Then it was on to daywear, something that Mr. de la Renta knows very well—plenty of dresses for your summer in St. Tropez or your stroll up Madison Ave. There was a recurring shocking chartreuse color that we loved and definitely a big shoe moment for the brand, with experiments in black and white, some near-rococo looking pairs and plenty of shine. Perhaps the highest point of the show was when Daphne Groeneveld appeared with a flowered crown and an undeniably de la Renta embroidered floral gown. Once she hit the runway, phones went up for pics.

As per usual, the collection was a tour-de-force of elegance, fantasy and escapism.

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