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NYFW Spring 2012: Ralph Lauren's East Egg Fantasy

On the final day of NYFW last week, editors of all kinds gathered in west SoHo to see one of the most anticipated shows of the season. We're speaking, of course, about Ralph Lauren.

Right from the get-go, we knew we were in for a sophistacted collection—everything about Ralph commands good manners and a generally cordial demeanor...right down to the light fixtures.

The show began with a group of pastel floral dresses and separates, appropriate for a picnic by the waterside or frolicing through a fragrance commercial. The lineup quickly changed into elegant dresses that could've walked straight out of The Great Gatsby, feather boa and all. The vibe was overwhelmingly East/West Egg cocktail party and we can imagine that if Daisy Buchanan were shopping Madison Ave., she'd snag more than a few of these. All in all, it was a fantastic example of American style and elegance.


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