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I would not call Lady Gaga an arbiter of style, but this week at the Spring 2012 shows I've seen some editors following in her footsteps. No, they're not wearing meat dresses but they are going pants-less.
While this gorgeous image from the Barneys fall campaign is certainly inspired, well, we aren't all Carolyn Murphy. I watched Jenne Lombardo walk into a show yesterday in a leotard (under a jacket, but still), and another editor wore shorts that were shorter than the hem of her (very cute Miu Miu) jacket. Is this something we should consider? If so, it's time to start doing those squats, gals. Click through for some runway options, should you decide to go sans-culottes.
DKNY Spring 2012
Jason Wu Spring 2012
Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2012