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Party Krashing With The Kardashians

Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian are giving us a new "K" word to keep up with--their full "Kollection" for Sears hit stores yesterday. I had a moment to chat with the sisters last night at the line's launch party, which was held at Annie Liebovitz's studio on Greenwich St—Annie shot their campaign. Kim told me, "we've always wanted to do something like this and the opportunity and the company just felt right. We have full creative control and a hand in the line from start to finish." Kim! Where do you find the time? She didn't seem stressed or bothered by her busy life one bit, "We always make the time!" As much as I wanted to chill with her all night, I had to let the girl finish her cupcake.

Fans and family members alike are pretty psyched and proud of the girls. "It's like walking into Marchesa," the sister's brother Rob (who is currently competing on Dancing With the Stars) said of the event. We'd imagine that he knows a thing or two about it after growing up in a house full of fashion-obsessed women. Kourtney's partner in crime, Scott Disick, remarked on how "legit" the pieces are and how proud he is of the sisters. But seriously, we've all got nothing but love for these girls.

Watch them speak live at FABB today!

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