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Shredded T-Shirts

If you're searching for that cool factor, avoid purchasing a shredded tee. After three washes your new shirt is no longer wearable. Try a pair of clog booties and a leather jacket instead.

More is More

Crazy prints and accessories becomes a distracting assortment of items rather than an outfit. Loud prints are great, but settle your look with a nude clutch.

Dresses over Jeans

We love layering, but flouncy dresses over jeans adds unnecessary bulk. A tunic and leggings will achieve a similar look, but with a slimmer silhouette.

Man Jeggings

Yes, we know they're really comfortable, but a pair of structured skinny jeans achieves the same look with a bit more support.

Lucite Heels

Sadly, these heels did not make our fall shoe list. If you must submit, avoid a pair with aquatic life swimming in the heel.

Sheer Without a bra

A sheer top creates subtle femininity, but it should come with support. This trend can be tricky, but check out here how Rachel Bilson covers up and still looks sexy. 

Spikes on Heels

We love adding tough accents to our wardrobes, but 6-inch spikes may not be the best (or safest) solution. Try a studded clutch instead.


Mesh isn't at the top of our list this season. But if you absolutlety love it, try using it as an accent rather than a fabric of choice for an entire outfit.


At NYFW this past September, we did see some stylish creepers. But keep the sole minimal. Otherwise it tends to look like cinderblocks are attached to the bottom of your loafer.


Hemlines have disappeared! Pantless women are on the streets and we aren’t following. Aren’t you going to miss those jeans you found on sale? We will!