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Reel Fashion: Movie Character Designers We Wish Actually Existed

Even though we're in the throngs of fashion month, we can't help but think of a few designers who aren't showing this season. Well, they actually never show, because they aren't real...but we wish they were. Some of our favorite movies have starred fashion designers so good that we wish we could see their collections season after season. We've rounded up our favorites from the silver screen: click through to check them out.

Melanie Carmichael (Smooter)

Sweet Home Alabama

The Story: Melanie Carmichael has everything she ever wanted: she's set to marry the mayor's son, her line is a "soon-to-be household name" and she has a ridiculous and completely unrealistic apartment in the West Village. Good for you, Mel! Only one problem: Melanie Carmichael is Melanie Smooter and Melanie Smooter is married already. Hilarious consequences ensue as she embarks on a journey of divorce and self-discovery.

The Clothes: The few glimpses of the clothes we see in the film are promising, very New York and very approachable. Add in a little bit of southern hospitality and you've got yourself the next Donna Karan.

Favorite Quote: "Look at you, you've got a baby...in a bar."

Walt Disney, Everett Collection

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