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Chenille Reynolds
Save the Last Dance

The Story: Chenille is best friend to main character (and Juliard hopeful) Sarah Johnson. Sarah's life is turned upside down after her mother dies and she moves from suburban wonderland to inner-city Chicago. With Chenille's help, she assimilates rather well and discovers a whole new side of the dance world.

The Clothes: Okay, her design skills aren't exactly prevalent in the movie but she does mention wanting to go to fashion school while showing Sarah a dress she's making for a friend. And she manages to style Sarah for her debut night at the club. Do we think she has potential? Anybody who dances like Chenille and has that much attitude has major potential.

Favorite Quote: "It's country and you look country in it."

Sue Ellen Crandel
Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead

The Story: Sue Ellen, a sassy high school grad, is up for a summer of fun when her mother heads to Australia. Bad news for her, Mama Crandel hired a babysitter. In a crazy twist of fate, the babysitter dies and Sue Ellen is left to care for her brothers and sister. After faking a resume (Comme des Garcons? Really?) she lands a job as assistnat to Rose Lindsay, an SVP at General Apparel West.

The Clothes: Another cloud above Sue Ellen's summer? GAW is about to close, so she takes matters into her own hands and turns the uniform supplier into the "teenage fashion wave of the future." Think bellhop uniforms, but...for everyday wear.

Favorite Quote: "And she's really whipping up excitement in her boots."

Melanie Carmichael (Smooter)
Sweet Home Alabama

The Story: Melanie Carmichael has everything she ever wanted: she's set to marry the mayor's son, her line is a "soon-to-be household name" and she has a ridiculous and completely unrealistic apartment in the West Village. Good for you, Mel! Only one problem: Melanie Carmichael is Melanie Smooter and Melanie Smooter is married already. Hilarious consequences ensue as she embarks on a journey of divorce and self-discovery.

The Clothes: The few glimpses of the clothes we see in the film are promising, very New York and very approachable. Add in a little bit of southern hospitality and you've got yourself the next Donna Karan.

Favorite Quote: "Look at you, you've got a a bar."

The Muppets Take Manhattan

The Story: The muppets have just graduated from college and are trying to take their musical act to Broadway. Of course, we all know that's easier said than done. After one failed attempt, the group disperses across the country while Kermit stays in New York to work on the script. He takes a job at a diner where he meets Jenny, an aspiring fashion designer. Long-story short, with the help of many new friends and Jenny's designs, the show ends up a Broadway hit.

The Clothes: Alright, let's just say this, anybody who designs costumes for muppets on Broadway deserves at least one show at Lincoln Center. Right?

Favorite Quote: "I'm staying! You hear that, New York? THE FROG IS STAYING!"


The Story: Zoolander is the story of male supermodel Derek Zoolander. It chronicles his adventures through fashion, international intrigue and the high stakes world of runway walk-offs. Derek eventually foils a plan to asssasinate major world leaders with the help of Hansel, his once-arch-nemesis turned best friend. As usual, models save the day.

The Clothes: The villain of the story is Mugatu, an avant-garde and evil fashion designer. The whole plot comes to a point at his fashion show inspired by garbage, aptly named "Derelicte." We'd be more than a little curious to see Mugatu's work evolve.

Favorite Quote: "A fashion, a way of life inspired by the very homeless, the vagrants, the crack whores that make this wonderful city so unique."


The Story: Oh, don't we all know this one. Aladdin, a street-rat, happens upon a genie in the Cave of Wonders after being betrayed by the evil Jafar. Using the genie's magic, he becomes a prince and wins the heart of the beautiful Princess Jasmine. Of course, fate intervenes and Jafar returns to exact his revenge. Everybody lives happily ever after.

The Clothes: You're probably wondering where the Genie's fashion design skills come into play. Well, when Aladdin wishes himself into royalty, Genie becomes tailor/designer and updates his street-rat threads into a snappy Arabian Prince suit. Would it be so bad to see Agrabah (yes, I know it's not a real place) Fashion Week come to NYC?

Favorite Quote: "I can't help you, I work for Senor Psychopath now!"

James Holt
The Devil Wears Prada

The Story: Andrea Sachs is assistant to the most powerful woman in fake-movie fashion, Miranda Priestly, editor-in-chief of Runway. The movie is all about her transformation from naive writer to "glamazon" to wise and seasoned New Yorker. Aside from the generally hilarious dialog, the clothes are fantastic.

The Clothes: James Holt is portrayed as Miranda's favorite young talent. She visits him to view the collection, she hooks him up with a partner for his budding business and throws him a fancy party. With the exception of one absurd bow dress, the sketches and clothes of his we see are very promising.

Favorite Quote: "This...stuff?"

Edna Mode
The Incredibles

The Story: The Incredibles focuses on a family of superheroes who are in hiding after being forced into obscurity by the public. The patriarch of said superhero family, Bob, moonlights and eventually finds his way to a supervillain, a young fan he once snubbed. To save Bob, the whole family bands together to rescue him.

The Clothes: The real gem of this movie is Edna Mode, fashion designer of superheroes. She has a real mastery of texture and fabric, after all, superhero clothes must be stylish, functional and downright iconic. Who wouldn't want to see that on a runway?

Favorite Quote: "No capes!"


The Story: Gisele is a fairytale princess who rockets from an animated paradise into New York City, all thanks to her wicked-stepmother (of course). Her new enviornment is terrifying and she finds shelter with a lawyer and his daughter. Together, they attempt to reunite her with her long-lost prince, but as fate would have it, Gisele and Robert the lawyer fall in love and live happily ever after.

The Clothes: Like most fairytale princesses, Gisele can make a dress out of nothing. After one night at Robert's apartment, she cuts a pattern from the curtains and fancies a dress out of them, and it looks anything but home-sewn. At the end of the film, she opens up her own design house where she makes dress for girls who want to be princesses. And come on, are you going to deny a little girl her fairytale dream dress? What kind of a person are you?

Favorite Quote: "To a place where there are no "happily ever afters." [New York City]

Enchanted Mice

The Story: We'll make this one quick...Cinderella is essentially imprisoned by her wicked stepmother (again with the stepmothers) and wretched stepsisters. They treat her like dirt and force her to be their maid. One night, Cinderella's fairy-godmother gives her the chance to live like a princess, complete with matching accessories. She dances the evening away with the prince, but when midnight strikes, she flees before the magic wears off. In her haste, she leaves a glass slipper behind. Of course, that slipper leads the prince to Cinderella and they live happily ever after, like they always do.

The Clothes: Yes, the dress is made under the supervision of the fairy godmother, but all assistant designers eventually outgrow creative directors and have to set-up their own shop. The mice were the laborers of Cinderella's dress and we'd love to see what they could dream up for a full collection.

Favorite Quote: "Oh, well. What's a royal ball? After all, I suppose it would be frightfully dull..."