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Spring 2012 NYFW: Jonesin' For Gretchen Jones

Gretchen Jones, the much-debated winner of last season's Project Runway, is every bit as lovely as her designs, a nice mix of her rural roots and Brooklyn, which the designer currently calls home.

What was your inspiration while putting together this collection?

I design each collection around an album I'm listening to and while reading
a certain book. The book is The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of
by Carlos Castaneda. It's all about music pyschadelics as a way
of reaching enlightenment. So that's where a lot of the textile designs came
from. The album that I listened too was Patti Smith's Horses.

Who is the band that's playing right now?

It's the Nudo Classical Project and this is a score that they custom
composed for me

What is next on the horizon for you?
I hope many of these [presentations]!

And what show are you most excited to see this season?
I'm going to Pamela Love who is a friend and I really admire her. I think
she represents a new designer face that's enabled me to do what I want to
do. I'm really excited to go to that. Also, the Lake & Stars are another
group of girlfriends of mine.

They are awesome! Is there anything that you can see yourself designing other than fashion and accessories?

I would love to get into housewares. I'd love to be designing my own shoes.
All of my shoes for the collection were custom made by my stylist, Colby
Bemis. I feel like shoes and accessories are something that create a wider
range and help with creating the brand.

We look forward to seeing many more of your shows too, Gretchen!

Photo Credit: Fairchild Archive

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