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Spring 2012 NYFW: Rachel Comey Rocks My World

The look at New York based designer Rachel Comey's latest show is surely life acquatic! But this trip to the sea suggests a very New England aquatic destination with just a hint of Carribean vibes. Some of my favorite pieces: creative cableknit print swimwear, cotton wide-leg pants, bucket hats and of course, shoes! After the beautiful show (her best yet?), with IUD rocking out on the drums, I ran backstage to catch Rachel.

One-on-One with Ray and RC:

RS: Tell us about the first look—that cool sea print.

RC: The collage print was done by Rosemary Oberson, a French artist. I found it so dreamy and odd at the same time and made the scale really big.

RS: And the uneven hemline print was really cool, too!

RC: I know! And the cablenknit print went on the swimwear which is fun. All of the swimwear is new which is fun.

RS: What made you decide to do that this season?

RC: I’ve always wanted to do it and was taking the time to find the right manufacturer, the right fabrics and development.

RS: I noticed the shoes were a slight departure from the usual clogs.

RC: Shoes are always a major part of the collection. They’re so big for me. I was feeling more flat silhouettes and kind of wider welted sandals—borrowing from menswear a lot. Grandfather slippers and airplane shoes. That was a big thing.

RS: That’s brilliant! No one makes those.

RC: Yeah, right? We even made a neoprene acqua sock for the beach that looks like a loafer, but I didn’t put it in the show.

RS: If you could pick one thing that served as an inspiration to you while you were putting this collection together what would that be?

RC: The band IUD was inspiring. Those two awesome chicks really going for it on their drums.

Without fail, after every Rachel Comey show I immediately begin placing a personal order in my head. Neoprene acqua sock loafer? AKA the shoe I've always dreamed of? Check. But what I've always loved about Rachel is that in a sea (no pun intended) of passing trends her designs always seem to come straight from the heart.

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