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The Kardashian Sisters Arrive At FABB

The Kardashian sisters arrived on the FABB scene complete with their reality show camera crew and momanger, Kris. After proudly bragging about their little sisters Kendell and Kylie (both are walking runway shows during New York Fashion Week), the conversation turned to home decor.

"Kim likes things very clean," said Khloe. "All white, clear countertops." Kourtney admited her house reflects her taste in clothes (eclectic and bohemian) while Khloe dished on making decorating comprises in her marriage. If she had her druthers, the entire house would be dripping in glitter and glitz. However, to appease her husband, Lamar, the reality star opts for earth tones with subtle, sparkly touches. 

One thing that the three have in common, though, is a passion for clothes. (Once, they even charged up a $50,000 credit card with fashion purchases—Scary, but they did pay it off!) After reminiscing over their stylish grandmother's glamorous style, they emphasized the importance of enjoying your career. Before the busy trio headed out for another appointment, they told the bloggers the key to success is "doing what you love."

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