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The Real Reason Thomas Jane Walked out of the Herve Leger Show: He Had to Pee

It’s pretty much common practice for Fashion Week runway shows to start way past their scheduled time, and most of us seasoned show-goers know to make preparations, both mentally and otherwise. It was no different at the Hervé Leger by Max Azria show, which was heading toward the 30-minute late mark. But finally, the paps finished up with the celebs, the lights dimmed and the staffers were peeling the protective plastic off the runway. And, all of a sudden, actor Thomas Jane bolted up and out of his front row seat and marched backstage.

Then after the show actually began (like models walking on the runway), Jane sauntered right back to his seat and promptly sat on his seat filler. After the show ended, we couldn't miss the chance to catch up with Jane and ask, what on earth was going on over there?

“I had to pee,” Jane sheepishly admitted. “I had to pee really bad.”

Ha. We totally called it.

“When I came back in, I had no idea that somebody sat in my seat,” he chuckled. “I was hoping everybody would be distracted and I didn’t mean to become part of the show. I’m from Los Angeles. We have no social graces. Social grace isn’t a commodity in LA. That was embarrassing.”

We do have to add that the actor was patiently exiting the show with the masses instead of pushing his way backstage like an entitled VIP. That counts as social grace in our books.

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