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West Hollywood Bans the Sale of Fur

After a unanimous city council vote favoring a ban on the sale of fur apparel, West Hollywood is all but a few details away from sealing the deal. Ever since 1989, the area has proclaimed itself a "Cruelty-Free Zone for Animals" and already has an active ban on declawing cats, the selling of cats and dogs, cosmetic testing on animals and steel-jaw leghold traps. Now, city members behind the "Fur Free West Hollywood" campaign have expressed hope that this legislation will help set the tone for nationwide cruelty-free fashion.

"West Hollywood's ordinance banning the sale of fur is a historic step for the rest of the world, as it is the first city in the United States to pass such an ordinance,"  animal rights attorney Shannon Keith said in a statement. "Cities like West Hollywood and communities all around the country are recognizing that the fur trade is barbaric, cruel and not fashionable."

Even though we're all for being kind to our four-legged friends—Who would want to wear a coat they knew was made of bludgeoned baby seals? Not us.—this turn of events is really surprising. We can't help but wonder what the fur fans of Hollywood think about these extreme new rules. Will they go faux? Or just shop somewhere else? It can get awfully hot in California—maybe no one will notice!

What do you think? Do you support these new laws? Or do you suddenly feel like Snooki when she heard about the tanning tax? Let us know in the comments below!

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