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What We Wore

The following is a guest post from the Bleubird blog.

Hello, Lucky readers! Each week (or two...depending on our busy schedule) my little family and I set up the camera to ham it up for our "What We Wore" posts. Not only do we get some pretty frame worthy, cherish-able, silly family photos out of the deal but we also get a chance to share with our readers what we wear on a regular basis. I have been a fashion lover since I was a little girl (Punky Brewster was my style icon at the tender age of six) and a clothing designer for the past ten years. I love to keep our style fun, thrifty and unique by intermixing affordable brand names pieces with vintage and thrifted finds. We love to share and hopefully inspire others so that they can dress cute while still on a budget. This is what we wore for our labor day barbecue....

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