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The best fabric to transition summer standbys into fall, year after year.


Two bags in one: zippered up, it’s "ladies who lunch." Unzippered, it’s "downtown brunch."

Since sometimes a sequin cocktail dress is a little too festive. (Plus, it's still way less pricey than those Miu Miu sparkle booties.)



How to embrace the backpack comeback like Alexa Chung, instead of Dora the Explorer.

So perfect with jeans, a tee and red lipstick.



Built-in ipad case? Taking public transportation suddenly sounds way more appealing.

A colorblock cheat sheet: just add ponytail, blazer and go.



Simple black cocktail dress, meet "instant edge"....




... and its nemesis, "instant ladylike."


Loud color + quiet shape. YES.