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4-in-1, Hair/Skin Miracle!

There’s one product that I put absolutely everywhere—on my legs to ward off the tiny, itchy bumps that spring up after I shave; on my elbows that always appear chalky this time of year, even though I slather on layer upon layer of lotion before bed; on my hands that are prone to nicks and cracks because of my wretched eczema; and in my hair, which is decidedly dry and strangely unwilling to produce any sort of natural moisture on its own. I even pat it under my arms and use it as deodorant (this might be one of my favorite uses, actually).

The stuff is a quintuple threat, and what I really want to do is bathe in it to target every one of my dry, ailing, in-need-of-nourishing body parts in one fell swoop. I’m a slave to Aura Cacia Organic Argan Oil—the bottle is a convenient purse-toting size and the oil smells pleasingly natural (I only point this out because people have a misconception that natural things stink. And they can, but so can fancy creams at department stores). Plus, it’s edible (you can use it to cook with, like olive oil)!

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