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We're quick to call things "unique" when stressing their specialness, but sometimes that's stretching the truth just a bit.

Except when it comes to one-offs. Each of the following five pieces is totally extraordinary AND totally singular, meaning there was only one produced, ever. Like this House of Waris pendant, auctioned off at the Clinton Foundation gala last week. It was handmade by artisan goldsmiths and engravers: an emphasis on craftsmanship we can really appreciate.

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Nope, this image isn't warped—these Christian Louboutin shoes are really that high. Auctioned off to benefit the English National Ballet, they were sold earlier this year, so now only one woman gets to wear them. Although, they might be more practical as bookends than footwear.

This looks like one of the dresses Lanvin made for H&M, but it isn't. Instead, it's a haute couture version that was auctioned off to benefit UNICEF. We wonder which battle was more fierce: the in-store tussle for the mass version or the bidding war for this one.

Not all one-off pieces have to be fancy, right? In keeping with her playful, positive attitude, Diane von Furstenberg (ever read her Twitter?) emblazoned this tote with a cheery message. Somewhere, someone's carrying her groceries in a bag she'll never see on the arm of another shopper. Ever.

Don't let this dress confuse you: Rodarte doesn't actually operate a haute couture atelier. But they did try their hand at one of a kind pieces for a capsule collection inspired by Fra Angelico frescoes.

Unlike the four previous items, no one owns this artful piece. Instead, it's housed in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (how fitting).