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Quite possibly the most universally flattering wash and cut, ever.

These are begging to be color-blocked.

Fabulous new shoes? Meet cropped jeans.

Because we always had a style crush on the Dazed & Confused seniors.

A necessary wash for every closet.

Yep, the denim pioneer's still got it.

Sadly, perfect wavy hair not included.


Just add booties, scarf and jacket for a fall outfit that's a little unexpected... and a lot Kate Bosworth.

These make our standard basic blues jealous.

Instant confidence.

The name says it all.

How to get the casual "I just pillaged my boyfriend's closet" look, no boy necessary.

Must. Have. Now.

Classic Closet Staple, #1.

What do you mean these aren't Rag & Bone?

Hello, lazy Sunday brunch.

What to pack for a weekend road trip.

Just add aviators.

An effortless summer outfit when paired with a loose chambray shirt. And lemonade.

My jeans? Yah, they cost less than your movie ticket.

Acid wash without going overboard.

The original "classic."

Not a classic— but they should be!

If Kate Moss shopped at Target. (We know Michelle Obama does....)

You'll wear them almost too much.

We may have had the same ones at summer camp a million years ago...but we still want them now.

A bright, cheery wash that's incredibly hard to find. (Trust us, we've tried in the past.)

So perfect with something prim, like a tie-front blouse.

Go-to concert pants.

White House Black Market. Good blue jeans.

At this point, we're assuming you want the full rainbow of colored jeans, no?

The most boyish thing at Victoria's Secret. And we like it.

How to wear that crisp white button down without looking too office-y.

Finally, white jeans more punk than preppy.

Muted snake print—yes, it's possible.

A luxe, waxy finish—without the price tag.

Classic Closet Staple, #2.

And #3.

As if the jeans weren't cute enough, the belt's included, too.

Only have two minutes to put together an eye-catching outfit? Start here.

For days we want our legs to look a little longer (ie. every day).

So adorable with a fisherman sweater for running weekend errands.

Is it just us, or are leopard jeans becoming a totally practical staple, too?

Love the stitching.

First date khakis. Not an oxymoron.

Because you can never have too many pairs of jeans. And definitely never too many '70s-inspired jeans.

Cozy AND dressy.

Khaki plus cargos, minus the '90s bagginess.

We never thought we'd say this, pockets. Really.

Small detail, big impact. Thanks, Posh.

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