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Bottega Veneta Branches Into Music

Introducing the easiest hostess gift ever: a piece of the Bottega Veneta woven leather empire at a shred of the usual price.

Tomas Maier's new brainchild is a two disk compilation of music as sleek and stylish as the brand's clothing and accessories.

It's not exactly the first foray outside fashion for Maier, who runs a pretty amazing lifestyle store in Miami (beloved by our beauty director!). But it is Bottega's innaugral venture into brand-sanctioned music—a concept we can really get behind. Other than Charlotte Ronson, who sells CDs compiled by her DJ sister Sam, we're hard-pressed to think of labels that give music shelf space alongside their collectionss.

Maier's Intreccio Uno– he picked the tracks and designed the album artwork– includes dozens of artists we've never heard of, which is a good thing. From French pianist Maxence Cyrin to English indie rockers The Heavy, there has to be something for everyone among these two disks, making it a pretty foolproof hostess gift. (Oh, and one that lasts way longer than even the nicest-smelling candle or best bouquet of flowers.)

Available at Bottegaveneta.com in November.

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