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Calvin Klein Hired Kate Moss (and Other Thin Models) To Promote Positive Body Image

Did you know Calvin Klein was on track to become a grocer before he decided to pursue fashion design? That was just one fun fact unearthed last night at the 92 Street Y in New York City, where industry insider Fern Mallis interviewed the legend. (The packed audience included Anna Wintour.)

The most telling moment of the night, however, had to be Klein's reasoning behind hiring Kate Moss as a waifish teenager. "A lot of the women were having implants in their breasts, they were doing things to their buttocks," he said. "It was getting out of control. And I just found something so distasteful about all that and I wanted someone who was natural.”  In the era of the tall buxom supermodel, Moss' diminutive proportions were a daring departure from the runway standard.

Klein also said he strove to find new models for his campaigns that hadn't received much playtime in the press. He shied away from modeling agencies and would "go through hundreds and hundreds of Polaroids.” Much like Kate, his choices were "always thin" with a cool-kid androgynous thing going on.

Clearly, much like Klien's minimalist aesthetic, the look stuck. Do you like Calvin Klein's runway aesthetic? Or do you prefer the early nineties supermodel look?

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