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You'll need: a white long-sleeved shirt, white skinny jeans, a pillow with white skinny tape around it to create the lines seen in salmon slices and a thick black ribbon or belt to secure the pillow to your body.

Rachel Zoe

You'll need: a black dress, fur vest, large sunglasses, oversized bag, blonde wig, floppy hat and Starbucks cup.

Royal Wedding Guest

You'll need: a fancy dress of your choice, pumps and a fascinator. Small British flag optional.


You'll need: a cropped, fiitted blazer (bold shoulders, please!), bustier, short-shorts or cropped black leggings and a yard of red fabric to fashion the cape. Braid your hair into two braids and pin atop your head—or opt for a low bun instead. 

Anna Wintour

You'll need: a bobbed wig, sheath dress, oversized sunglasses, a pair of Manolo Blahniks...and an issue of Vogue, of course.

Little Edie Beale

You'll need: a scarf (to wrap around your head and pin in place with a brooch), printed bathing suit, tights, sweater (wrapped and tied around your waist), low-heeled pumps, red lipstick and a cat (of either the real or stuffed-animal variety).

Dancing With the Stars

You'll need: a dress you can tango in (rhinestone embellishments are a plus), heels and a flower for your hair. For extra credit, spray on a tan.

Coco Chanel

You'll need: a two-piece tweed suit, pearls, cigarette (go for faux, please!) and gold puffy paint to decorate your blazer with those iconic double C's. Alternatively, sport a striped Breton-style shirt and sailor pants to channel Coco during her younger years.