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Eight Pricey Fall Runway Pieces That Are (Practically) Sold Out

These fall pieces are selling out faster than you can say "giant dog sweater." (Some, in fact, already have.) 

Miu Miu Glitter Booties

Our office obsession— and everyone else's—is entirely sold out on Neiman Marcus and on mytheresa.com.

But girls with less common foot sizes, rejoice: the pink's available in a 40.5 or larger on netaporter.com, while the black's available in a 36 or 36.5 on Saks.com.

And as for brick and mortar stores? We tried Miu Miu in Soho, which only had one pair left in the whole shop. (It was black, white and a 37.5, but is probably gone by the time you read this. Get thee to the above sites!)

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