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Faux Lashes: The Secret to Feeling Sexy!

Yesterday I had one of those days where I felt completely unattractive. (I don’t really know what triggered it—I’ve worked out three times this week, which is as good as it gets.) These bouts of feeling homely, though fleeting, are hard to shake—but I’ve discovered the antidote: faux lashes!!

I cannot describe to you the (physical and mental) transformation I underwent after lash specialist Karina Freedman gussied up my naturally, uneventfully short lashes with clusters of temporary individual Ardell faux ones, gluing them to the tops of my own lashes with Duo eyelash adhesive. I’ve never been moved to get fake lashes or lash extensions—I’ve always thought of them as gimmicky and something to consider only on Halloween to tart up my already-tawdry costume—but yesterday marked a personal epiphany.

Gorgeously long eyelashes (and I mean within-the-realm-of-possibility long not woman-working-the-corner long) are utterly feminine, and often times feeling off is a result of feeling unfeminine. Freedman—who is based at Aida Bicaj Institute de Beaute on the Upper East Side, as well as at Spatique Medical Spa in Long Island with a roster of celebrity clients—does it all: temporary lashes that last a week if you treat them gingerly and don’t get them wet within 24 hours of application and permanent mink extensions that can last up to a month. I’m loving my temporaries, though.

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