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Five Minutes With Jennifer Lopez

The singer/actress/American Idol judge/TV producer and, finally, fashion designer tells you what to wear for date night. It’s all from her Kohl’s collection, of course.

You could have done your line with anyone. Why Kohl’s specifically?
I didn’t want to compromise on quality. I needed to have certain fabrics; I needed to have certain embellishments. I needed to get a great fit and to take however long it took to get it right. And Kohl’s totally supported me on that.

What items would you suggest from your collection for date night?
It all depends on what kind of girl you are, you know? We have some amazing really sexy and flattering dresses for the body, but you know some people might just want to put on the boyfriend jeans with a pair of cool sexy boots and a sparkly top. There’s definitely something for everybody. There’s a touch of sexiness to all the pieces, even if they have a relaxed and a looser fit—they still fit sexy.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, what’s a great outfit a mom can wear to the park with her kids?
Again, the boyfriend jean is super versatile. We made some great turtlenecks too for fall. And we have some beautiful scrunchy boots that would be comfortable for a mom to run around in as well. Also, I’d take a big tote bag to the park that you can fit everything in.

Do you have a favorite buddy to go shopping with or a best friend that you really trust?
You know, I like going shopping with my girlfriends but I kind of like going by myself, too. Just so I can spend as much time as I need to on one rack!

What are three pieces you think every woman should have in her closet?
I think for fall you need a great coat. We have a beautiful pea coat and a beautiful trench coat as well in the Kohl’s line.You also need a great bag and a great pair of boots.

What makes a bag really great for you?
It depends. For daytime I love a roomy bag. I love something that I can fit my phone and my makeup and my wallet and all of that stuff in.

One of the bedspreads in your collection is inspired by the wallpaper in your bedroom; are there any other examples like that of something from your personal life inspiring a look from your collection?
To be quite honest, everything in the collection is inspired by my personal life. We literally walked through my house room by room and I explained why I picked that particular table or that particular pillow or that particular lamp and whatnot. Then we noted that different elements were a theme, such as Hollywood glamour. So everything is items that I’d use in a minute, and that are very much my style.

As a busy mom how do you have time to do it all?
I have a lot of help from my family with the kids, because the kids are the most important thing—making sure that they’re okay and that they’re happy and healthy. And then with the work stuff I have great partners as well! So it’s about people helping people in my life.

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