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Gaga vs Zombie vs Nicki Minaj: Makeup Debate!

Photo Credit: Fairchild Archive

I’m utterly consumed with planning my Halloween costume (my favorite day of all time—free candy and the cultural stamp of approval to wear a revealing, nut-bag outfit without being judged). I know I want to be something ghoulish—because that entitles me to be far more inventive with my makeup.

I’ve always envied cool crazies like Gaga and Nicki Minaj and the runway models at Richard Chai this fall for going with their eye shadow and lipstick and faux lashes where no one has gone before—and so Halloween marks my window. I’m teetering between a zombie from The Walking Dead (dried blood across my cheek and purple on my lips, I’m thinking Beauty Is Life lipstick in Dream), Amy Winehouse (mondo cat eyes call for a big, fat chubby pencil like Sephora Jumbo Liner), or some kind of weird gothic thing that involves an obnoxious amount of glitter and black lipstick (any excuse to wear Lime Crime lipstick in Styletto—it’s a sinister, inky, bottomless black, and it’s the chicest most dramatic thing ever. I definitely don’t relegate wearing it only to Halloween).

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