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Gelato + Anime + Lip Balm = Totally Me

I was perusing the aisles in Sephora this weekend, handling the various chunky liners and glinting shadows that caught my eye, when something similar to a gravitational pull led me to the Tokidoki section: I’m drawn to color and chaotic designs (aka I’m drawn to things that look like they’re marketed toward 6 year olds.), and Tokidoki IS color and chaos. (If you’re not familiar with the LA-based brand, it has this anime aesthetic that’s a hodgepodge of creatures, little ghoulish people with green skin, skull and crossbones, and babes with shellacked, parted lips and cartoon bosoms out to there). I glanced over cool lipsticks and nifty makeup cases and then I saw it, my latest obsession that I apply more often than need be just for the pleasure I get from unsheathing it from its colorful, zanily decorated case: Tokidoki Gelato Lip Stain in Pink Martini. It adds an amazing pop of color—it doesn’t have the robust pigment of a lipstick, but it’s far richer than a mere gloss—and it’s hydrating and insanely creamy…like gelato…cute.

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