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If You Have: An argyle sweater, white jeans (jeggings hands down preferred, in this case), and riding boots.

Bonus Points: If you're really, really short...or really, really tall. (This is my cousin's standby costume; he's 6-foot-11.)

Toddlers and Tiaras castmember

If You Have: A party dress (either in a loud color, or with a full skirt), some pearls and a girly pair of heels—preferably patent.

Bonus Points: For ringlets in your hair and Pixie Stix in your purse.

Pan Am Stewardess

If You Have: Office staples (pencil skirts, blazers, white button down shirts), pumps and a silk scarf.

Bonus Points: For carrying mini packets of peanuts.

Morton Salt Girl

If You Have: A yellow dress (or yellow raincoat), flats, little socks, and an umbrella.

Bonus Points: If it's actually raining. You'll be the only partygoer whose rain gear doesn't interfere with her costume.

Dazed & Confused senior girl

If You Have: A white t-shirt, jean shorts, high knee socks and old school sneakers.

Bonus Points: For Sharpie-ing the word "SENIOR" on paper and taping it to your tee. (Okay, that's kind of necessary.) Points for a plastic whistle around your neck, then.

Blossom, from Blossom

If You Have: Remnants of the '90s (jean jackets, backpacks, overalls, floral dresses, chunky cardigans). Or, for that matter, anything Charlotte Ronson or Madewell has done as of late. And a hat: preferrably a floppy one that you can tape a flower to.

Bonus Points: For unabashedly saying "Whoa!" all night, even when it gets really, really annoying.