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How to Change Your Whole Face in One Step

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Backstage at Derek Lam

Brows! The runways have been focused on them for the last few seasons—either bleaching them away entirely or strongly emphasizing them. And I definitely side with the latter camp. I darken and arch them nearly every day and make trips to the Upper East Side (a long trek, believe me) every few months to see Luba Todorova at Laura Geller studio. I never thought I'd be such a brow enthusiast (I plucked them so much in middle school that, in my seventh grade yearbook picture, one is raised markedly higher than the other).

Now, I feel like I counsel people on a daily basis about them. I turn the over-plucked-and-over-waxed onto Revitabrow, which, similar to a lash enhancer, grows back thicker, fuller hairs (just make sure you isolate it to a precise area...for obvious reasons). And for people who just have no clue what to do (my sister, for one, hasn’t touched her brows a day in her life), my advice is to go to a really good, recommended, reliable brow tech just once to see how they shape them. Pay attention so you can replicate it on your own. Or do what I do: fall half asleep and wake up when the job is done.

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