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How to Shop Your Favorite Fast-Fashion Stores Like a Pro

Stores like H&M, Forever 21 and Topshop are about as easy to slip in and out of as a Louis Vuitton latex dress. Our top tips for making your shopping trip worthwhile.

Urban Outfitters

Tip #1: Slide into home. Either a floor above or below the women's clothing, you'll find Urban's steller home décor section, which isn't just for dorm room decorating. Check out their patterned flatware!

Tip #2: Get it for less. Most UO stock tends to go on sale a few months after hitting the racks--so if you're undecided on an item, it might be best to wait it out and revisit your potential purchase later on.

Tip #3: Be a bookworm! This store's literature section is packed with great ideas, especially for gifts.

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