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This Week I Want to Look Like: Snow White


Ginnifer Goodwin as Snow White in ABC's Once Upon A Time

With three Snow White movies opening in the next year AND Once Upon A Time on TV right now, our latest muse also seems to be everyone else's.

But while Snow White makes a foolproof pretty-but-not-slutty Halloween costume, we're itching to explore the girl's sartorial stamp a little further.

Instead of full-on princess gowns, we're thinking color blocking, maxi skirts and bold lipstick, all of which are not just real-life ready, but also major trends right now.

Click through below to peep our plan to steal the cartoon girl of the moment's style (except, you know, in 3D).

Maybe Snow White would be the same way with poet blouses as we are with striped shirts (ie. a borderline hoarder).

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