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Maybe Snow White would be the same way with poet blouses as we are with striped shirts (ie. a borderline hoarder).

Perfect for layering under bold sweaters with the sweet neckline and bow peeking out.

How to interpret Snow White's extreme puff sleeve without looking stuck in the film...or the '80s.

Color blocking that's more sweet than mod.

The prettiest yellow skirt out there right now.

And for those who prefer a shorter length yellow option...

Or the ubiquitous colored skinny jeans that are currently taking over the world.

We think Snow White would wear these by day (so as not to dwarf the dwarves...).

But these by night. Homegirl was looking for Prince Charming, after all.

She'd wear sweet, heirloom-style jewelry...

Like this old school cameo ring.

Snow White's headband might need a bit of steamlining and polish, so as not to look too Blair Waldorf...

But maybe her accessories could pack a bit of a punch, like this black and gold clutch.

Or this slightly quieter bag, which goes with pretty much everything (even a princess dress).

A cape makes the ideal topper for puff sleeves, or any voluminous top....

But of course, Snow White would never leave the house (er, cottage?) without a fresh coat of scarlet lip color.

This apple won't poison you. It will, however, make a pretty fabulous hostess gift.

What, did you really think we'd forget this one?