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Lucky Haul: Barbour Bedale Jacket

Last night, I finally bought a classic Bedale jacket from Barbour ($379). I've wanted one for years, but every time I'd try it on, it didn't feel right. It was either too big or too small, too short or too long.

Somehow the geniuses at Madewell, where I purchased the topper, found the perfect Barbour for me.

The Bedale is in my regular Madewell size and fits perfectly. It's definitely a men's jacket—there is no drawstring at the waist or fancy buttons—but it drapes so softly that it doesn't feel like I'm wearing my husband's hand-me-downs.

Kin Ying Lee, Madewell's creative director, is one of my industry style crushes. Everything she puts in the store, from niche brands to her own designs, seems to fit seamlessly into my wardrobe. So it's natural that Madewell gave me the courage to finally splurge on the Bedale.

Buy yours here.

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