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Lucky Haul: Adult Purchases

If you thought this was about some XXX material, shame on you. As if I would write about that at work. Good, that's settled. A few months ago, I moved into my fourth NYC apartment and I'm determined to make this one a "grown-up" place. You see, I previously lived with five people and it was pretty grueling just to exist there, let-a-lone feel at home.

Part of making an apartment your own is the furniture you put inside it. For several months now, I've been on the hunt for the perfect lounge chair. Something I can watch TV in and take a nap in—if I'm so moved. My mind was set on either a leather club chair or a Mid-Century modern masterpiece. Well, those don't come on my budget radar very often, but today One Kings Lane came to the rescue with this:

It's glorious. It's a glorious work of leather-lounge-art. I can see myself watching the news (cartoons) all morning, spilling tons of coffee on it, you know, the usual. The best part? It cost $375 from an original price of $860. Thank you One Kings Lane, you are a godsend.

Yah, after that high I couldn't really stop, so I hopped over to Fab.com (my apartment's cyber-lover) to see if I could find something else worth buying. About 3 seconds later, I stumbled upon this medic pillow by Studio DKS:

Done and done. It reminded me of a rug that I've wanted for years, but alas, have not yet been able to afford. The grand total came to $59 (originally $84). The Fab.com sale is ending soon, but if you're into this, the seller has an Etsy shop that you should hit up. Of course, the pillow will go on the chair and when you do the photoshop math, you get:

And that, my friends, is how you start turning a box that you happen to live in into an apartment. Boom.

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