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Lucky Haul: In The Details

Natalie Matthews

Digital Fashion Writer

Ever since my favorite blue button down ran away last year (or, more likely, took a one-way trip to my sister's closet), I've been looking to replace it. But finding the right one has turned into a Goldilocks conundrum, with options either too crisp and Office-like or too hipster and sloppy.

Forunately, Steven Alan's take on the blue button down fits my rubric perfectly. From a distance, the shirt's a cookie cutter classic. But up close it has quirkly little details, like a twisted placket (the opening at the neck of the shirt) and reverse seams that jut out just a little. It's has a slightly slim fit, though not overly so, with a hem that's a happy medium between square and rounded.

I love it—and will be keeping it far, far away from my sister's reach.

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