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Marc Jacobs Acts, Shoes Galore and More From Around the Web

Celebrities don't just wear gigantic heels on the red carpet, they also use them for long walks, holding babies and visiting the hospital. [The Cut]

Comedian Mindy Kaling takes pre-natal vitamins from Trader Joe's to make her “hair grow faster, thicker” and “skin glow-y and smooth.” Does it actually work? [Fashionista]

During the WSJ's Innovator of the Year Awards, Marc Jacobs reveals that he's been cast in an upcoming movie and will "play a character that's not myself at all." [Style]

Heidi Klum arrives at a Halloween party dressed as a cadaver from the South Street Seaport's "Bodies" exhibit. [The Huffington Post]

Saks Fifth Avenue launches a Tumblr page dedicated to their infamous wing of designer shoes. [10022 Shoe Tumblr]

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around the web
around the web