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Paris Fashion Week Spring 2012: Chanel

In an interview with Karl Lagerfeld Christina Anderson and I once asked, "If Chanel were an ice cream flavor, what would it be?"

"Chocolate," Karl told us. But if we're talking about this season, I'd have to disagree with the Kaiser. There was a pleasant array of soft mint, pink, vanilla and even some pistachio on the runway.

Sure, it's never the most practical (iconic suits aside), but that's not really what we're looking for in a Chanel show, is it? It doesn't get less practical than a white swimsuit! And some of these dresses are so structurally dramatic that they put Donna Martin's best moments to shame. But it's always just so pretty. And there are so many pieces that we would certainly want to wear: the floating geometric shapes on the suiting are too good to pass up, budget permitting. Until the day comes when my closet is lined with Chanel, you know I'll be looking for affordable vintage pieces that remind me of this season.

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