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Pucci Perfume, Donald Pliner Shoes, and.... A Dog With a Fluffy, Hot-Pink Tail

Yesterday I went to the Miami launch party for the newest LVMH fragrance, Miss Pucci Intense -- and it was fun and intense and totally surreal. Fun because Pucci held a socialite luncheon in a private home on Star Island in lieu of the standard press event. Intense because I was seated in front of the new fragrance bottle and photographers kept falling over me to take pictures of it. (Yes, it really is that cool and arty.) And surreal because the security guard at the gate asked me, "Is this like a poochie party for dogs?" and then the main event turned out to be Babydoll, a white Maltese with a fluffy, hot-pink tail.

Babydoll, as I discovered, is both the pet and in-house fashion muse of designers Donald and Lisa Pliner, who hosted the lunch. That's right. Donald is so rabidly enamored of Babydoll that he wears a fuchsia streak in his hair to coordinate with her tail! AND, on his feet... loafers embroidered with pictures of Babydoll's face!! The Pliners also sell Babydoll-themed beaded bags and platform stilettos; a portion of the proceeds go to 4 Paws for Ability, a national organization that provides service dogs to children with disabilities.

The lunch was outside and most of the guests wore fabulous Pucci dresses; all of the seat cushions were covered in a swirling pink-and-purple Pucci print, which made me want to run out and buy a whole stack for my dining room. And while you'll love Miss Pucci Intense for the bottle alone, the fragrance is just as glamorous: a pretty, super-sophicated mix of magnolia, orange blossom and Arabian jasmine. Exactly what you'd want for a big night out—with or without Babydoll!

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