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Rent the Runway Goes Vintage, Courtesy of What Goes Around Comes Around and Chanel

Available on Rent The Runway

Last night, What Goes Around Comes Around hosted an event to announce the launch of its vintage Chanel accessories on RenttheRunway.com. (As in, you can rent vintage Chanel. Seriously.)

Of course, we were all really excited about the fact that one can now borrow a $6,160 quilted Coco bag for $350 and a $3,344 necklace for $200. (You get to keep your rented items for four days.) But, you know, the party itself was also really fun. There was a cashmere sweater that I may need to go back for. A stack of t-shirts that I have my eye on. And of course it doesn't get better than Glamour editor, Rajni Jaques, spinning '90s hip-hop classics.

When it comes to accessorizing for a special night out, there's no argument that Chanel is the answer. Which is why this partnership makes so much sense.

"Chanel is a brand that every woman dreams about wearing and we've made accessing vintage Chanel possible," Rent the Runway co-creators Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Fleiss told me over some curiously good chicken satay. "Now you can test drive a vintage Chanel handbag before deciding to purchase one for keeps. We want women to live the life they dream of by democratizing fashion and making it more accessible for a broader range of women."

And their favorite pieces?

"I’m pretty obsessed with the metallic vintage Chanel handbags as well as the collection of necklaces," said Hyman. "We have several necklaces with the iconic Chanel logos and also some more feminine pieces with pearls and crystals. A girl can never go wrong with Chanel!"

Absolutely not!

The collection includes an almost unbelievable array of handbags, necklaces, earrings and bracelets, some of which can be rented for a mere $100. Though our search for the perfect vintage Chanel pieces—which I like to refer to as Chanel surfing—will never really be over, things just became a lot easier.

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