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Surprising Habits Of People With Perfect Skin

Those people that you see—the ones with the perfect skin—it’s not an accident. There are some habits that we should all be making our own. It’s a lot less painful and annoying than you think—and I’m almost at the point where I enjoy these little rituals. I’ll spend some extra time on it knowing that I’ll wake up looking a little glowier and brighter. So here’s how you can step up your perfect skin game. This will work, so listen up!

People with perfect skin stick to their routine, ESPECIALLY if they are combating acne. Whatever the routine may be— people with clear skin adhere to it in the most rigid possible way. That means, do not change-up the products all of the time. Don’t skip washes. Don’t forget to do anything—ever. Inconsistency leads to total face freak-outs. Click through for more tips.

People with perfect skin use something with retinol in it —it de-ages, de-acnes and generally improves everything. I use a retinol serum every night. Retinol treats wrinkles, acne and it makes your skin firmer.

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