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The Three Hottest Hair Executives Ever

The other day, I took a last minute meeting with Paul Mitchell (Jean was home with her appendicitis-stricken son, poor thing), and therefore didn’t know too much about what we were meeting for, just that it was a new hair care product. So when I went to greet the publicist in the hallway, I was pleasantly surprised to see she was with four men—three of them a little ridiculously good-looking. I assumed, however, that they were just Paul Mitchell execs there to make a presentation and didn’t think much of it. I went to introduce myself and shake their hands and then one after another they responded with: “Hi, my name is Mitch.” I looked at them and said, “It’s so weird! You’re all named Mitch!” The publicist then pulled out the press kit to show the name of the new line (Paul Mitchell’s first men’s line) is Mitch? The “team” was not from marketing—they were male models! Each one went through a rehearsed speech about how the Mitch line of styling gels and waxes and pastes works for him (the businessman, the creative type, the sporty type)—and I sat back, turned bright red, and held back laughter.

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