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The Walking Dead's Sarah Wayne Callies on Her Most Memorable Halloween Outfit

Hint: It involves Julia Roberts

Zombies are scary. And as fierce mom Lori Grimes on The Walking Dead, actress Sarah Wayne Callies spends the bulk of her time battling the undead in the backwoods to keep her family alive. Suffice it to say, the show doesn’t give her much opportunity to glam up—mascara is obviously a pre-Zombie epidemic luxury. “I get the backhanded compliment a lot," she says. “When people meet me they’re like, ‘oh, you’re actually not bad.’”

With October 31 right around the corner, we asked Callies (who, by the way, is more than just “not bad” in person) to dish on the best Halloween costume she ever wore. “The year Pretty Woman came out I went as Julia Roberts,” she says. “It was a rad costume. I snuck out of the house before my mom could take a look at it. When I came back she was like, ‘Why did you go out that way? You look like a prostitute!’ Look, I was a 14-year old tomboy. So it was an opportunity to see what it was like like to wear a skinny black dress.”

Catch Callies on the next episode of The Walking Dead this Sunday night.

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