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15 Minutes With Giuliana Rancic

As I begin my chat with Giuliana Rancic, the bubbly entertainment news force blurts out her obsession with Lucky. “I love, love you guys!” she exclaims. This makes us that much more excited to chat about her upcoming trip to Miami for Cotton’s 24 Hour Runway Show, which will stream live on MTV.com this weekend (starting at Nov. 19 at 12PM) and feature one look per minute (that’s 1,440 looks total!).

Read on for what Rancic had to say about the show, her holiday wish list and more.

What’s the best part of hosting Cotton’s 24 Hour Runway Show this weekend?
It takes place in South Beach, and is a 24-hour fashion show with all cotton apparel. I’m loving cotton, especially lately. It’s eco-friendly, so I’m a big fan.

There are a lot of great brands involved in the show, including Tommy Hilfiger and American Apparel. Any brands you are most excited about?
All of them, to be honest. Being on E! News, I wear six outfits a week, plus Fashion Police is an outfit a week and then our reality show. I get to wear so many great designers and outfits, so I’m just excited to kind of take a look at everything like everyone else. I think there are going to be some incredible looks on the runway and people are going to be able to see how they can wear things from the runway to every day.

Who are your favorite designers and where do you like to shop?
You know, a range of things. From Vivienne Westwood to Dolce & Gabbana to…I was at Forever 21 over the weekend with my nieces. I was actually shopping for them and ended up picking out more than they did! I got the cutest camel print shoes, a scarf and three t-shirts. I’m also a fan of Rachel Roy. I’ve been wearing a lot of her stuff lately. So I’ll wear her higher end line for Fashion Police  and then I’ll wear her Macy’s stuff for E! News.

Do you work with a stylist?
I work with Lauren Shane. She goes out in the afternoons and pulls from different showrooms. She’s great and I love her blog. We called her in based on the blog because she has great fashion sense. I love supporting people like that.I wanted someone that was hungry, young and fierce…and someone who believes their whole life is fashion.

What are your favorite trends and what’s on your list right now?

Last night before I went to see George Clooney my husband [Bill Rancic] said, “Oh, when are you changing?” I was wearing leather-looking J Brands with black Christian Louboutin booties, a G-Star leather jacket and a black sequin vintage jacket. My response, “Oh yeah, I am wearing this.” For fall, I’m going for a biker chic look.

What's on your holiday wish list?
A leather trench coat, I think that would be cool. I also saw a really cool Michael Kors cape that I have to get.

Anything on your husband’s list?
Probably just wardrobe. He’s always complaining that he doesn’t have enough clothes…it’s hilarious. He’s says, “Honey, you’re my wife, you need to get me more cool clothes…You’re on Fashion Police, it’s what you do.”

Since you work with so many stars on E! News, is there anybody you’re obsessing over right no
I think Jennifer Lopez has never looked better. I just picked her last week on Fashion Police for best dressed in a Versace dress – it was just incredible and she just worked it.

What is the one piece every Lucky reader needs in her wardrobe right now
That is an amazeballs question. I’m obsessed with skinny jeans right now. J Brands are one of the best jeans on the market. I love the ones with the shine. They almost look like leather, but they’re not. They’ll last forever.

Don’t forget to check out Giuliana’s style at Cotton’s 24 Hour Runway Show (streaming live starting on November 19 at 12 p.m. on MTV.com.

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