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Addicted: But I Will Wear This Purple Shirt Everywhere

The shirt.

It was one of those days when I set out with an actual mission for once: to buy a new winter coat at RRL. But I didn’t find a new winter coat. In its stead I found this vintage purple French workman’s shirt that is so perfect, not necessarily reasonably priced and everything I’ve always dreamed of. That said, my shopping partner Max and I had some justifying to do

Potential scenarios in which I could conceivably put this shirt to use, by Max Stein of Reece Hudson and me:

  • It’s a cool morning in the Hamptons and the sun hasn’t quite hit the horizon, but I need to run to Pierre’s for iced coffee before the pool day. I could wear my purple shirt!
  • I’m chilling in my apartment watching a Law & Order: SVU marathon and just before Benson is about to make the collar I feel a draft. I know—I’ll throw on my purple shirt!
  • In the club! I’ll be wearing my purple shirt.
  • Me and a few friends are getting pizza at a casual downtown restaurant called Rubirosa. Sounds like purple shirt time.
  • It’s a brisk fall day and it’s simply too cold not to layer up. Purple shirt.
  • It’s a warm spring day and it’s simply too warm for a flannel. Purple shirt.
  • I’m traveling El Al Airlines flying direct to Tel Aviv for fashion week and that airplane AC going at it hard. Purple shirt.
  • I’m in Miami for Art Basel. As the day turns to dawn, the air grows cooler and it’s time for a pre-party run to Jerry’s Deli for a triple decker grilled cheese and a black and white milkshake. There’s no question—purple shirt.
  • My best friend calls and says she has one extra ticket to the Katy Perry concert at Madison Square Garden. I’m obviously wearing this purple shirt again, am I right?!

And as Max told me,“You can’t cheap out when it comes to good vintage.”

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