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Bedridden but...fabulous!

I'm coming out on the other side of what was a really nasty, hit-me-like-a-Mack-track sinus infection. At one point during my two days in bed, I thought my legs were going to fuse, mermaid-like, into a fin from immobility. BUT, these three items somehow made my miserable existence a little more tolerable:

1. Jurlique Balancing Blend Essential Oil: I put a few drops of this into my humidifier and it helped me fall asleep (along with some Advil PM) and filled my apartment with a lovely scent that wiped away traces of chicken soup in the air. Oh wait, no one brought me chicken soup—because I HATE soup. That's a whole other story.

2. Eve Lom Rescue Mask: My appearance wasn't exactly a priority, but I've had this pimple that has been driving me nuts for like...three weeks! So I figured I might as well do some damage control while watchign a Law & Order: SVU marathon. This camphor mask mitigated the pesky thing and sent a tingling sensation through my sinuses that helped me breathe a little easier.

3. Polar Pillow: This pillow was sitting in my office for about six months before I took it home because it weighs a bajillion pounds. I'm glad I finally lugged it home, though, because it was the perfect antidote for a fever. The blue side is always cold, so you don't have to go through the whole business of flipping a pillow throughout the night to get the cool side.

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