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Best Bikini Wax Ever!

It’s not that it’s fun to get hair unceremoniously ripped from my body—but a bikini wax, for me, is a necessary evil.

I find that it makes life considerably less stressful on multiple levels. When I’m changing at the gym, I don’t have to perform the balancing act of trying to hold the towel up over myself while simultaneously hoisting my skinny jeans over my hips—all the while shielding that area from the view of my fellow female (scrutinizing) changers. (It’s an unspoken ritual: We all surreptitiously check each other out, and of course my eyes dart to neighboring upper-thigh areas to compare their bikini lines with the stubbly one I’m taking such pains to conceal.)

Also, my friend just moved into a swanky building with a pool, and so now I have impromptu pool parties to factor in—and unless I want to stand awkwardly with my legs crossed the whole time, I need to prettify (i.e., depilify) my bikini line. The best place to do that: Stark Waxing Studio. Liliya Vaysburg (she’s from Russia) gave me one of the best Brazilian bikini waxes I’ve had, bar none. She slathered on the wax which was a beautiful, aquamarine-teal (Stark imports its wax from France, and it’s specially formulated for sensitive skin) and with a sleight of hand that rivaled a magician’s, proceeded to make my bikini line ultra smooth and utterly bristle-free (she meticulously went over the area with tweezers post-wax, too).

What’s more—her approach was decidedly less painful than other waxes I’ve had; one graceful, upward sweep and everything was whisked away.

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