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Beyond Black Friday: Online Shoppers Broke Cyber Monday Records Yesterday

Riding the spending momentum from Black Friday weekend, consumers continued to shell out for Cyber Monday. WWD reported this morning that yesterday's online purchases broke last year's record of $1 billion, and spending will only increase further into December.

“It’s bigger this year than last year,” Marshal Cohen, a chief industry analyst at NPD Group, told the magazine. “However, it is becoming diluted to some degree. Cyber Monday will be less important next year. Ten days before Christmas is the busiest day online because it’s the cutoff date for guaranteed shipping. Cyber Monday is a very busy day, but it’s not most heavily purchased day.”

Mobile browsing proved to be a theme throughout the day, as many buyers placed orders from their smartphones. This boosted sales since people could conduct transactions from any location. Bestselling items included designer dresses, over-the-knee boots, handbags, wraps, colored denim, peacoats and down jackets. (Hmmmm. Sounds like there was a couple of personal purchases mixed in all that gift shopping, huh?).

Since it's still really early in the holiday season, the best sales are actually yet to come. Be sure to check in with Lucky Right Now for complete deal hunting coverage. And in the meantime, go forth and shop! 'Tis the season to stimulate the economy.

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