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Black Friday Report: Soaring Sales and Several Scrapes

Fairchild Archive

Nobody could argue that today's throngs of Black Friday shoppers didn't come prepared. When Target's Brooklyn, New York location opened its doors at midnight, 600 shoppers were ready and waiting. Roughly 15,000 camped out for the Mall of America's midnight opening. And meanwhile, over 9,000 stood outside of Macy's Herald Square flagship, hoping to be the first ones inside at 12 am.

Unfortunately, such eagerness for deals can come at a price—and we're not referring to the markdown on that flatscreen TV. At an L.A. Walmart location, a woman used pepper spray in an attempt to reach the front of the queue late last night, injuring nearly 20 fellow shoppers in the process. At a Phoenix store, an elderly man attempted to free his hands by sticking a game he planned to purchase in the waistband of his pants. Assuming he was shoplifting, police tackled the man to the ground—as his own grandson looked on.

And its not just the pre-shopping crowds that prompt such violent acts. In San Leandro, CA this morning, a shopper was shot outside a Walmart when two robbers approached him in the store's parking lot and demanded he hand over his merchandise. He's now in stable but critical condition, and one of the two suspects was taken into custody. A similar incident occurred outside a South Carolina Walmart, when a middle-aged woman was shot and wounded by a thief while loading her purchases into her car.

Stay safe, Black Friday bargain-hunters! No deal is worth getting injured over. And should you choose to forgo the stores entirely, do remember that Cyber Monday's just around the corner...

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