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Chanel's New Website Is Fun

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Ever wonder where those interlocking Chanel "C"s came from? Us, too. So we were pretty thrilled to hear about Chanel's new website, which explores the house’s history in an ultra-interactive way.

Mirroring an exhibit at the National Art Museum of China, the site dives into Coco Chanel's life, tying her experiences with her professional choices. (Fun fashion fact: those "C"s were inspired by the stained glass windows of her childhood chapel.)

Blending information with entertainment, there's also a "Kids' Space" section, where visitors– kids or not– can play memory games and color Chanel accessories. Youtube surfing may be fun, but as far as midday distractions go, this one's an impressive trifecta: amusing, educational and polished.

Now, if only that custom-colored tweed jacket were 3D, not 2D...

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